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"Design is a process that creates order out of chaos, that renders technology usable to business. Design means being good, not just looking good.- Clement Mok

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"Good design renders technology usable to business."-Clement Mok

The goal of any design project, whether a logo or flyer or video, should be to not simply display or inform, but to engage and inspire. A good design will cause an emotion, whether it's forwarding the video to a friend, or getting the viewer to actually visit the website. Yasa Productions understands this, and we focus our efforts on functional solutions that have can be deployed flexibly.


Logo Design

Our experience is primarily with cultural logos, which seek to inform viewers about the uniqueness of the event or organization while remaining accessible to as large a public as possible.


Flyer Design

We can make flyers, postcards, brochures, etc for your organization that are informational but also visually appealing, thus generating interest and succes for the marketing effort.


Video Editing

As video technology becomes easier to implement and more pervasive, a killer marketing video can significantly increase marketing success, and a solid introduction video could make your event more engaging.


Sample Work


Warrior Bhangra

Modified the school logo of a roman-type soldier into a Bhangra-related image by adding a pagh, or turban, as well as the facial hair that is common amongst Bhangra-related pictures of men.

Since we also did the website and flyer work, this logo was optimized for web use and implementing into flyers

pictureCMU Bhangra

The goal of the design was to invoke images of Pittsburgh so that when the team travels they would have something to rally around in another city.

In particularl, logo was optimized to be used for their website and to put on shirts,


Bhangra in the Burgh 2008

Pittsburgh is famous for bridges so the logo is holding a bridge to represent this fact. The bridge was drawn to also represent a traditional bhangra instrument known as the sapp.

Logo was co-created w/ the very talented Nitin Seemakurty,

The legacy site is hosted here

Sangeetha Lahari

The veena is a standard classical instrument in Indian Carnatic style. The design request was for a logo that was simple, but clearly expressed the organization's goal of spreading music awareness..